About This SIte

I love strange, offbeat, cosmic, supernatural, paranormal, science fiction, fantasy and horror-driven entertainment. Anything with monsters, I devour. But what I've noticed in the blogisphere and the social web is that so many seem to wallow in their Shadow Selves to such an extreme, it feels negative and misanthropic and self-indulgently hopeless. So my goal is to fill a void - to create a wicked little whimsical playground for we who have found our Happy Dark Place. I do hope to make the Cheshire Cat's grin a little toothier.

Street Cred

Although this particular blog is new, I was an original Blogger.com beta tester and TVGuide.com’s official blogger for the TV shows Ghost Whisperer, Masters of Horror
and The L Word. I also work with big publishing companies on a daily basis, and my work has been heard and seen on SyFy Network, KTLA, KBCW and in the households of 80 million+ TV viewers.

The Daily

I am currently an artrepreneur who is grateful to be experiencing a Divine life working every day with my nose in books and my heart aligned with some amazingly creative people.

I began my musical career at age eight in professional opera, and I will never stop singing.

My Heart

I am madly in love with my British fiancé, my cats, my books, the stage, the screen, music, dance, quality food and drink with interesting people, dressing to express, kindness, the art of zen, the cosmos, the animal kingdom, the sustainable table and being wanderlustrous.

I may be a bit addicted to fairy tales, documentaries, Bollywood, curry, orcas, wolves, bats, ravens, trees, rocks, social media, red lipstick, Tom Hiddleston, Joss Whedon, Zooey Deschanel, every Steven Wilson music project and Kat Von D’s hairless cats. You will often find me immersed in books, shimmying like nobody’s watching, talking to every animal that crosses my path and just generally rocking the casbah.

Photo Credit: I licensed this wonderful little stardust girl from Adobe Stock and fell in love with the artist! Her name is Natalia Maroz and you should really check out her work right here.