Stranger Things & The Art of Titles

· Far Beyond Words + Into Worlds ·

Let’s just call amazing titles sequences as we see feel them: artistic foreplay. Sex-on-reels. I’m talking aesthetics, here (calm down, p0rn ‘stache). The best openers will have you fully immersed and off to another world faster than you can say “Presents…”

Mythology Monday: Baba Yaga

Any fairytale and folklore fanatic will tell you that across all cultures, you find many similarities between mythological figures. Baba Yaga could also be three different women that are never apart – hello Fates, Norns and Wayward Sisters! – but in general, she is depicted as that one with the cloak and the walking stick and the shack in the woods with a suspiciously large cauldron or fireplace.

Chasing the Night

NYX: Greek goddess & personification of THE NIGHT. Mother of Death, Sleep & Darkness. So powerful & mysterious in her shadowed femininity, even the mighty Zeus feared her. You could really consider her one of the original Sparkling Darklings. *wink*